Sparkling Apple Bourbon Sangria

This beverage is the perfect fall inspired spritzer for your holiday menu. Its refreshing and full of flavor, easy to throw together in a pitcher for a crowd of family and friends!


  •  750 mL bottle of Chardonnay, chilled
  • 3/4 C Bourbon Whiskey
  • 1/4 C Grade A Maple Syrup
  • 4 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 1, 1″ Knob of Fresh Ginger, skinned and quartered
  • 2 Honeycrisp or Gala apples, cored and quartered
  • 1.5 cup apple juice
  • 750 mL bottle dry sparkling wine


  • In a pitcher, add the apple juice, chardonnay, bourbon, maple syrup, cinnamon sticks, ginger and apples.
  • Stir to incorporate flavors. Cover and chill for at least two hours or up to 24 hours.
  • Just before serving, pour the sparkling wine in the pitcher or individually to top off ice filled glasses. 

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